Complete Transparency And Traceability

PCRGenix provides partners and customers great peace of mind by furnishing lot and batch numbers for every product. On each product we manufacture (GMP) we identify every batch. That is critical to ensure consistent quality. At any point in time, we provide all of our customers with full transparency for all of they items they are purchasing. Our CofA can be found CLEARLY on our website Here and also top right corner of any page under “CofA” Green Button. we are the manufacturing facility that is FDA registered and our response time can be immediate if any manufacturing issues come up.

This also ensures that if an issue should come up, we can perform a recall quickly on that specific batch and we will know precisely who might possess a product from that batch. That way we can identify issues that may come up within the manufacturing aspect of our business.

On our Products page we publish certificates of analysis on all of our products.

Innovative Product Formulation

On all of our formulations, we work very closely with medical professionals to have comprehensive research and development conducted and work with our in House Chemist and formulating R&D Team. When it comes to value for money, product innovation and safety,  PCRGenix very proudly leads the industry. We are experts who have decades worth of experience working with and manufacturing genuine natural products. We know exactly how to extract the ingredients that we carefully choose and then process and formulate them, without using any synthetic chemicals. We have a strict policy that we uphold of having absolutely no GMO products.

The innovative methods that we use are developed and managed by our very own in-house formulator to ensure that our products are enjoyable to use and are safe. We also continue investing in manufacturing facilities in order to expand the selection of products that we can manufacture without having to compromise on our values.

We apply these same value when selecting ingredients for flavor on our edible products or when we are developing our non-toxic skin products. For example, our Peppermint tincture uses a certain variety of peppermint that gets extracted utilizing a similar Super Critical Fluid solvent-free extraction techniques that are used for extracting hemp plants.

Pharmaceutical-grade Testing

Our USA Oil undergo rigorous testing. Advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) equipment is then used, in leading U.S. labs. We test for potency as well as for unique terpene profile, pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological contamination. This also makes it possible for us to be certain that any abnormalities are immediately reported to us. Attention to detail and good communication are critical to our processes here at PCRGenix.

These quality control measures are employed on each batch of PCRGenix products that we manufacture. Our customers always know exactly what they are receiving whenever they purchase from us.

We use hemp-based product testing laboratories that adhere to pharmaceutical industry controls and processes. Through using these processes, the problem of getting inconsistent test results has been solved. Our testing team has worked in this environment and been a part of the pharmaceutical industry for decades. They understand the complexities that are involved in working within a cGMP/GLP environment.

3rd Party Testing

Grace Analytical laboratory, INC

5300-A McDermott Drive

Berkley, IL 60163


Innovatical Laboratories, LLC

5555 W. Brooks Street, 2nd floor

Montclair, CA 91763